First there was FourthMeal. Now there's First Meal. Taco Bell has reintroduced breakfast at it's 72,318 locations in North America. OK maybe that number is a bit high. It jsut seems like there's that many locations. When I say reintroduce, I mean that TB has had breakfast before. So has Wendy's. Wendy's breakfast was based around toast sandwiches.

And here's a shock. Taco Bell's former breakfast was based around...burritos. Wacky stuff I know. The former Bell Breakfast had a tasty egg, cheese, hash brown and sausage gravy burrito for 69 cents. Used to nom on those after working the overnight shift when I was a baby DJ back in the 90's.

Now TB is back with all kinds of yummy breakfast treats. Like the Waffle Taco (egg abd cheese and sausage in a waffle) breakfast burritos and new coffee. I visited the Taco Bell on Michigan yesterday and enjoyed the new breakfast AM grilled taco. Eggs, cheese and bacon. Yum! And only a buck!

I also tried the new hash brown. Also on the Buck Menu. The bite didn't come with the HB. I added that.

The star of the new menu? The AM crunchwrap. Like the day time version, its a star shaped tortilla stuffed with eggs, cheese and sausage or bacon, with either a patty, or a has brown if you get bacon.

Ain't gonna lie. It's pretty tasty. All of it. Plus the biggest Taco Bell Breakfast advantage? Taco Bell is the only Fast Food chain doing breakfast AND serving Pepsi products, including my favorite. Mt. Dew!

All in All, it's pretty awesome.