Yes it's true, I'm from Michigan. I don't call it "soda" or "Coke" or a "soft drink". I call it "Pop" I love when I'm in certain stores and the signs above the pop aisle say BOTH "Soda" and "Pop"...just so there's no confusion. So I got all giddy when I found a new kind of pop in glass bottles over the weekend.

Well, to be honest, it's not a "new" pop. It's a pop thats been in glass bottles for the better half of 7 decades. For anyone who knows me, you know I drink more Mt Dew than I should. But I love the stuff. And I especially love it in glass bottles. They really haven't been bottling it in glass for quite a few years. Plastic has become the container of choice. Until now.

The glass bottled MT Dew is back! And not just the "Throwback" Here's a story about it's return! I might have had all 4 bottles in the last day. To be fair, they ARE only 12 ounces. But Mmmmmm so good!