One deer must have been so eager to get a jump on holiday shopping, that he literally jumped through the window of a West Michigan Store...

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We have all been hearing about shipping delays and shortages this holiday season, so maybe he was just trying to get ahead of the game... or maybe it was Rudolph deciding to make an early appearance?

The Walker Police Department shared to Facebook that a young male deer broke through the glass windows at a wilderness decor store on Thursday.

They say the delinquent deer was found, oddly enough, in the "deer decor" section. I mean, maybe he was just trying to find gifts for his fam?

Shortly after, he scampered off into the woods behind the store. Walker PD say they can't wait to review the body cam footage.


While thankfully it does not sound like anyone was hurt in this deer break-in, it is a good reminder that deer are more active this time of year, during rutting (mating) season, and can cause damage!

This isn't the first time we've heard of a deer crashing into a home or business (or school). Why does it happen? A Bureau Chief with the Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks told WLBT,

It can happen because a deer gets scared, they see an opening but don't see the glass, and they crash through the glass...It can also happen if they see a reflection in that glass, and they think it's another deer, and they want to fight with them.

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