A bucket full of sh** for a good cause!

The Detroit Zoo is holding their 6th annual GreenFest event on Saturday, April 14th which includes a five-gallon bucket full of "Zoo Poo" for the first 1,000 guests.

The event celebrates Earth Day and educates people about sustainability and how to be "green." GreenFest will include:

  • A sustainability tour
  • Educational rain gardens
  • Farm-to-table food options
  • Composting program
  • Chemistry demonstrations
  • Zookeeper talks

Now before you freak out too much the zoo poo is recycled and people will get to see the process. According to the Detroit Free Press,

The anaerobic digester annually converts 500 tons of animal manure and other organic waste into methane-rich gas to help power the zoo's animal hospital, leaving a nutrient-rich fertilizer as a byproduct.

The event is free to attend with regular zoo admission.

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