Just like in the old days, when a rumor got started it usually spread like wildfire. And now with the advent of social media and our desire to be on top of every little thing, It spreads even quicker.

"Citing increased awareness and interest in the ebola virus, Spectrum health Saturday issued a statement to local media regarding the virus.

The statement reads, in part "Spectrum Health does not have a confirmed nor suspected case of ebola." Rumors have surfaced on social media suggesting there was an ebola case at Spectrum Health. The statement issued Saturday also says "Our emergency departments are prepared with the necessary protection and isolation techniques for anyone presenting with symptoms similar to ebola."

See what happens with your fancy Twitter and Instagram? To quote the 80's classic "Rumors" by the Timex Social Club

"What's mine is mine, I ain't got time for rumors
In my life I'm a man who thinks, not a man who drinks
So please let me live my life"


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