Grand Rapids Public Library has gone fine free.

GRPL says they've decided to not charge overdue fees on anything checked out of the library going forward. They've also decided to forgive any active overdue fines.

The Grand Rapids Public Library believes that everyone should have access to the library. By eliminating fines on overdue material, we are removing a barrier for many residents of Grand Rapids.

Currently, 11,700 residents aren't able to check out a book due to overdue fines and most of those belong to those in low-income households.

GRPL says overdue fines contribute to only .07% of the library's overall budget, therefore, getting rid of them to benefit the community only makes sense.

Fine Free applies to books, movies, and music checked out at GRPL. Those who lose or damage an item will still be responsible to cover those costs.

It's unknown when the library will be open again to the public but GRPL has a reopening plan laid out which you can see here.

Speaking of overdue fines, a woman in Chicago recently took the Guinness World Record for the largest library book fine at a total of $345.14. According to UPI, the woman returned a poetry book that her grandmother checked out in 1955.

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