Look outside. The weather is frightful today. It's only going to get worse tomorrow. Almost 60 and thunderstorms. Makes you wonder about things like "How does the ice at Rosa Parks Circle stay frozen?" Well, say no more, I have the answer for you.

Actually I didn't do all the heavy lifting, the lovely and talented Alana Nehring from WZZM TV 13 did this story over the weekend "How Rosa Parks Rink stays chilled"

"Brent Mundwiler, the ice rink's manager said, "This weather's been interesting. To say the least. The last two seasons have been up and down. We are open, we can handle anything up to about 48 degrees."

Which means when it's close to 60, you might be able to skate, but it's supposed to be thunderstorming Tuesday anyway, who would want to skate in that?