Sure, Ann Arbor, with its long standing progressive tolerance for weed has the most cannabis dealers, but this city has more weed stores per capita than any other Mitten community.

According to the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency Licensing data base, as referenced by leading cannabis news source, Crains Detroit, Ann Arbor has the most cannabis stores at 24, but the smaller towns slinging weed may surprise you.

While Ann Arbor spreads its 24 stores among a population of over 120,000, Bay City, along I-75 just north of Saginaw has 22 stores, for a city with just 33,000 people. That's about one pot store for every 1500 people, which is a pretty good per capita figure.

But even they fall short of some Michigan cities and towns with small populations.

In terms of strictly per capita cannabis stores, the winner is tiny Kalkaska, the stop along US 131 that you usually pull over to find a place to pee on your way up north. Kalkaska has one pot store for every 346 people. That's six stores for a population of just 2076.

It's one of the few towns on the list that neither has a college nearby, nor is trying to entice out of state buyers. It also has an aging population, so all the old folks retiring in Kalkaska must love to get high.

Clearly they want to pick up a gram when you stop to pee, and they're going all out to be your Northern Michigan connection.

Keep in mind, this is strictly stores per person, and in no way reflects how much cannabis is being sold, but it's a good indication.

Other Michigan cities that have a high per capita ratio are Morenci, which, to be fair, is banking on nearby Ohio residents to come up and buy pot because it's not legal there (yet!).

Morenci has a weed store for every 459 residents.

Big Rapids, which has one store for every 833 residents, but they also have a huge college population which is, let's face it, a hot market.

Crains Detroit has a great look at what some of Michigan's largest weed retailers are looking at in terms of marketing strategies and trends as far as the cannabis markets go in the October 11 issue.

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