No more waiting in line for your Krispy Kreme!

The doughnut chain has rolled out delivery in select markets, across 24 states, including the Grand Rapids location on E. Beltline. That means you won't have to get off your couch for your donuts! Well, only to answer the door obviously.

You can choose between ordering online and picking it up from the store or having it delivered right to you. Delivery is only good on doughnut dozens, boxed coffee and bottled beverages and you must spend a minimum of $7.99. But if you're ordering from your house in your sweats, or for your office, chances are that won't be a problem.

Since Krispy Kreme just rolled out their newest doughnut creation, which is stuffed with Reese's, now might be a good time to test out the service. You can make your order here.

Krispy Kreme hopes to have delivery at all of their locations by the end of the year.

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