I like Short's Beer and I like THC so this is a perfect combination if you ask me.

Short's Brewing Company, from Bellaire, has teamed up with Jolly Edibles to release THC-infused edibles that will taste like some of your favorite beer flavors such as: Huma Lupa Licious, Starcut Ciders Mosa, and my personal fave Soft Parade.

According to a Facebook post from Short's, the gummies will each contain 10mg of THC. And in case you're wondering, NO, the edibles don't have any alcohol content in them... just the beer flavor.

In a different Facebook post, from Jolly Edibles, they will be available at all Skymint dispensary locations "soon." That post was from a week ago so hopefully we're a lot closer to "soon."

Skymint offers recreational and medicinal THC products with 8 locations in Michigan.

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