What does Saint Patrick's Day mean to you? Green beer? How about a good old fashion parade? If you were too busy enjoying green beer this past weekend and didn't make it to Holland for their parade good news. We have you covered.

The community of Holland, well known for its Dutch ancestry, goes Irish for the seventh year in a row as organizers commemorate St. Patrick with the annual St. Patrick’s Day Celebration in Downtown Holland!

City of Holland via YouTube

Crazy to think that Saint Patrick's day is behind us now, and that today is the first day of spring!!

Won't be long until we're mowing the grass and spending time on the lake. I know I'm looking forward to some nice summer days out side. Maybe I'll set up a hammock. I got a nice grill for Christmas, so a hammock seems like a no brainer.

Sitting outside cooking up some bar b cue and drinking a nice tasty beer.

I can practically smell the fresh cut grass.

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