election day

It’s Election Day: Yay
You can't swing any NUMBER of dead cats around a TV these days without seeing a political ad.
I watched the news the other night, and all but two commercials were political ads. The other two were car dealers; I know.
It’s Election Day!
Well, to be fair, it's off-off-local Election Day!
Still, important drain commission-type and -like decisions will be made. Actually that's not far off, but actually some important things are being voted on today.
November 5th Is Election Day!
Yes it's not a sexy Presidential election day or even an off year Senate and House election day. It's a really Off off year election day. With lots of City commission and drain commissioner races, will you even bother?
Tuesday Is Election Day–Wait?
That's right! On Tuesday we pick a new President! OK it's not THAT election day. But there are many other things to vote for. And the reason to vote is pretty important. AND it's been proven many times the importance of voting. People have lost their own elections BY ONE VOTE from not…
It’s Election Day! Really…
No Herman Cain isn't on the ballot...but it IS Election Day 2011...about the offest-off year Election I can remember. Today in Grand Rapids we re-elect Mayor Heartwell, a Comptroller (what the HELL is a Comptroller...someone who controls the "comp"?) and a couple of City Commissioners, and…