The best fast-food breakfast is probably on your list.

But the No. 1 fast-food breakfast might not have been your first choice.

I actually thought it should have been reversed, at least from the No. 1 chain.

Number 1 is the McGriddles. The egg, meat and pancake-with-syrup-in-the-mix sandwich took the top spot in Thrillist's "Top 15 Fast Food Breakfast" list. Number 13 was the Egg McMuffin. That's what I thought should have been number 1.

"1. McDonald's McGriddles
The first of the new generation of drive-thru-able breakfast eats, the McGriddles and their amazingly syrup-infused, non-soggy, pancake-style buns were a bold leap forward for the fast-food industry, a (literally) handy alternative to number 15 on this list, and an obvious inspiration for several other items. So, they take their rightful place at number one. You lose, English king baby."

Most everything on this list is pretty breakfast amazing. Is it 7:30 yet?