Have you heard of this bridge in North Carolina? It's 11 feet 8 inches at it's clearance height...and it has ripped the tops off of over 60 trucks! I saw a story on CNN this morning of Jürgen Henn, a guy from Durham North Carolina, who happens to live by a low clearance train bridge on a busy street.

After see countless trucks get their tops ripped off by this 100 year old bridge, Jurgen put a webcam up and started recording the trucks and high profile vehicles get nailed. From his website 11foot8.com

"In April 2008, I set up a camera in one of our offices at Brightleaf Square and started recording the traffic at the bridge. The idea was that eventually I’d record a crash. Just a few weeks later a truck crashed into the trestle and I had my first recording. In June 2009, I set up another camera in a storefront across the street, and since then I have been recording the crashes from two angles (most of the time). The videos of these crashes document the severity of the impact, and they show how frequently these crashes produce a real hazard for pedestrians and other vehicles.

Here's a classic video from the site.

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