Once again, every time you search for something online -- someone is tracking that data.

Even on Thanksgiving day, when you are looking for those last minute recipes, that data is being tracked -- only to be used in stories like this one!

The website Zippia.com looked to see what people were searching for in the month of November of last year (2020) to determine what side dishes people searched the most for their Thanksgiving dinners.

Some interesting finds...

  • Kentucky likes hashbrown casserole. Now I love this stuff, but for Thanksgiving?!
  • It's a Charcuterie Tray for people in Minnesota and Missouri
  • Vermont and Virginia like Macaroni and Cheese. Is that a Thanksgiving dish for only states that begin with the letter "V"?

Overall, Mashed Potatoes came in at #1 with nine states loving mashed potatoes the most. A total of 15 states chose some type of potato as their favorite Thanksgiving side dish.

Right behind mashed potatoes were rolls. A total of four states need to have their rolls with their Thanksgiving Dinner.

So what was everyone searching for here in Michigan last November? Well it looks like we fall into the group that likes rolls!

Favorite Thanksgiving Sides 2021
Map: Zippia.com

Growing up my great grandmother made the best yeast rolls for Thanksgiving dinner. I still start to drool just thinking about these things. We have the recipe, but one year I tried to make them and they turned out more like rocks made of dough! I followed the directions exactly. I'm going to blame it on the ingredients. I wonder how those have changed over the year... from lard, to flour, and even the yeast.

Maybe this year I'll try making Grandma Ella's rolls once again for Thanksgiving dinner. I'll just make sure I have some store baked rolls on stand-by in case I need to take those instead!

You can see the complete results on the zippia.com website.


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