If you've ever had a gorilla on your roof, you'll appreciate this joke:

Gorilla in a Tree

A lady calls the police and says "Please send someone over right away. I've got a gorilla on my roof."
"An officer will be dispatched immediately" replies the desk sergeant. A few minutes later a police car pulls up. The lady goes outside to meet the officer. As he gets out of his patrol car, the lady notices that he has a shotgun in one hand, a big net in the other hand, and a vicious looking dog by his side.
The lady says, "Well, there he is. How are you going to get him down from there?"
"It's simple" replied the cop. "I'm gonna climb up on the roof and wrestle him over to the edge. Then I'm gonna throw him to the ground. When he hits the ground, the dog is gonna give him a real nasty bite on the groin. Then I'm gonna throw the net over him and drag him away."

"That's all well and good" the lady said, "but what's the shotgun for?"
"That", the cop said, "is in case the gorilla throws me down first, you shoot the dog."

Submitted by George Harting on Bob and Tom Dot Com

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