So the Guv signed the bill into law. I was confused...I thought everyone wanted to work if they could. Why would you not want to let people work who wanted to have a job? Yeah, then I realized I wasn't exactly right on what it's all about.

So Yahoo has a way better grasp on what this means for us, Michiganders. "Michigan weakens union rights in home of auto industry" states

" Republican Governor Rick Snyder signed the bills into law as soon as they reached his desk, completing in a few days a campaign to make Michigan the 24th U.S. state to prohibit unions from requiring employees to join and contribute dues. 'I view this as an opportunity to stand up for Michigan's workers, to be pro-worker,' Snyder told a news conference after he signed the bills."

So for those of us who aren't in a union, does it really have an effect on us? In 2011, there were 3.8 million people who had jobs in Michigan, and 700,000 were in unions. Or about 18 percent. So over 80 percent of the people working in Michigan were NOT in a union. I understand unions are important (my dad worked for Gm for 30 years) but in this day and age is it as important? Would you rather have fewer union jobs, or more un-union jobs?

Just asking the questions...