...Microwave popcorn! Really! In another case of modern technology making our lives better, an app has been created by the Diamond Foods company that will make it almost impossible to burn Microwave popcorn! The world's problems are being solved!

This story from Yahoo "How to Avoid Burning Your Popcorn: The Perfect Pop App" explains the app

""We needed to find an interactive way to fix an age-old problem," Deutsch LA's CEO, Mike Sheldon, told Yahoo! Deutsch LA teamed up with Diamond Foods to come up with a solution. "We built an algorithm with 500 bags of popcorn tested in numerous types of microwaves of different wattages, to find the ideal time in which a bag of popcorn is going to cook all the kernels without burning any of them," Tokusato explained.

The result: The Perfect Pop app, which is calibrated to make Pop Secret pop up perfectly (and is supposed to also work with other types of microwave popcorn). The free app officially launches on Monday but, thanks to a stint in the iTunes App store's "What's Hot" section recently, more than 78,000 people have already downloaded it."

Want to try the App? Click HERE to get it! Be forewarned, its only an IPhone app right now. Let us know how it works!

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