It was 13 seconds. 13 seconds of high performance.

The weather team at WOOD-TV posted this to their Facebook account,

"The newsroom is trying to find a name for our little skycam bird friend. Any ideas?"

The bird landed directly in front of the WOOD-TV skycam Sunday afternoon around 3:30 pm. He caught the attention of West Michigan.

The falcon, a bird of prey, has exceptional powers of vision. Perhaps the bird was trying to get a good look at the chilly forecast. Maybe that bird wanted a better view of traffic on 196. Clearly, the falcon needed some camera time.

Wood TV Skycam-Facebook
Wood TV Skycam-Facebook

One lady said the bird looked like a Joe. A few added that he was Hawkeye. Cliff was given as a suggestion.

Chris Featherly commented,

"For crying out loud, we've been over this before. Woody, his name is Woody."
That comment received 85 likes. Does anyone find it coincidental that the most liked comment came from "Featherly"?
Diana said,
"I will name him George. And I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him."
Some more suggestions include Sneaky Pete, Stormy the SkyWalker, Bill, as in Steffen and Perry as in Peregrine Falcon.
Chris stated,
"Well, his name should be Tom because he's peeping in the window."
WOOD TV Skycam-Facebook
WOOD TV Skycam-Facebook
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If this is a peregrine falcon, we can name him but we'll never be able to catch him to tell him. The peregrine falcon is renowned for its speed, reaching over 200 mph during its high-speed dive, making it the fastest bird in the world, as well as the fastest member of the animal kingdom.
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If the Falcon was hunting,  we'll need a pro in falconry to retrieve him. He seems fed up.

Here's Where the Phrase 'Fed Up' Came From (

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