What's old is new again. In recent years vinyl records have increased in popularity and according to thehustle.com, in 2020 vinyl records outranked CDs in annual sales for the first time since 1986.

A 2019 YouGov poll found that 31% of adults in the US are willing to pay for vinyl. And this boost isn’t just driven by Boomers who are feeling nostalgic for skips, crackles, and pops. The numbers are pretty consistent across all age demographics: even a quarter of Gen Z kids say they’d shell out for a physical LP from their favorite artist.

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The Grand Rapids Public Library announced that in addition to the collection of CDs and streaming music available to Grand Rapids Public Library cardholders, their Main Library and West Side branches also offer a large selection of vinyl records available for check-out.

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Portable record players are also available for check-out so that you can enjoy music from anywhere!

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Can you place a hold on a vinyl record or portable record player?

No. At this time, holds cannot be placed on vinyl records and portable record players. They can be checked out by visiting the Main Library or West Side Branch.

How long do vinyl records and portable record players check out for?

You may renew your vinyl records up to 2 times. Portable record players are not renewable due to the limited number available.

How many vinyl records can I check out at a time?


Does the GRPL take donations of vinyl records?

Yes. Learn more about donating to GRPL here.

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Get more info about checking out vinyl records and record players here. 

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