One sure sign the the snow will be melting soon and green grass will replace dirty brown ice chunks.

Another treat with ice cream as its main component is another sure-fire sign spring is soon here.

Soon on menu boards all across the country: the Shamrock Shake will return to McDonald's!

And since St. Patrick's Day is close to the beginning of spring, birds singing and warm breezes flowing through the air won't be too far behind!

Yahoo Food reports:

'(When) Shamrock Shakes appear on the menu, it’s a better predictor of spring than Groundhog Day,' Mike Bullington, the McDonald’s archivist, told us. But, like the groundhog’s disappearing shadow, the St. Patrick’s Day mainstay will become a sweet memory by the end of March or early April, depending on how long supplies last in particular markets, according to McDonald’s.

"More than 40 years after their initial launch, Shamrock Shakes remain a huge fan favorite, generating the most customer inquiries regarding availability second only to the McRib."

That neon green cold and creamy concoction is getting us that much closer to warmer weather and baseball and hot dogs. The only thing more American than that green, is the green of money. No cherry, please!

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