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This week we get back to the 1980s and start with the first year 1980. Here are five one hit wonders from 1980. Yes the '80s had one hit wonders.


Rocky Burnette – "Tired of Toein’ the Line" With a last name like Burnette is he related to anyone famous of that surname? Well yes Rocky is the son of Johnny Burnette who had a few hits himself including "Dreamin'" and "You're Sixteen" And his cousin Billy Burnette played with Fleetwood Mac. Some good musical genes in that family. Rocky's only hit reached #8 in May of 1980.

Devo – "Whip It": This rock group from Akron, Ohio acted like robots on stage. It took that look to get people's attention, but their music was really good too. "Whip It" peaked at #18 this month of 1980. And you're dude you fascinate me tidbit is: Devo is short for de-evolution which is the regression of mankind. Devo came close to having another hit with their remake of "Working in a Coal Mine" which only reached #43.

The S.O.S. Band -  "Take Your Time (Do It Right) Part 1":  I had to look up what S.O.S. stands for and that is "Sounds of Success" Which they did have with this song that got all the way up to #3 on the Pop Chart and #1 on the R&B in May of 1980. A few years later their lead singer Mary Davis went solo. The S.O.S. Band had a few other R&B hits like "Just Be Good To Me".

Vapors – "Turning Japanese": This Pop-Rock 4 some from Britain got a lot of people to wonder what the real meaning of "Turning Japanese" meant. One theory is the man being preoccupied with photos of a woman he loves after she's gone. The one that was told to us when the song came out was the look or contusions on someone's face as in not being a master of your own domain. Seinfeld reference - think about it.

Robbie Dupree – "Steal Away": Robbie hails from Brooklyn is so well known for "Steal Away" that he is considered a one hit wonder. VH1 even had him on their Top 100 One Hit Wonders of the 80's. Even though "Hot Rod Hearts" was also a hit at #15 and you may know "Brooklyn Girls" too.

Some facts verified from Joel Whitburn's Top Pop Singles 1955-1999.

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