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Grand Rapids Restaurant Will Appear on the Cooking Channel!
The Winchester, a Grand Rapids restaurant, is obviously doing something right because this Thursday, 1/12, they will be featured on the Cooking Channel.
The Winchester revealed the news on their Instagram account over the weekend and said they will be appearing on an episode of Cheap Eats..…
'Family Feud' is Holding Auditions in Detroit! [Video]
It's time to get the family together because the popular game show, Family Feud, is holding auditions in Detroit. Is your family going to be the one to win a bunch of money and possibly a new car?
Auditions will be held somewhere in the Detroit area (location not disclosed yet) on Satu…
TV Characters We Have Lost This Year
While we have seemingly lost more celebrities than normal, or maybe more high profile celebs, we have also seen a new trend on high profile TV shows. The killing off of important-to-the-show characters as well.
Classic '60s TV Themes
I did a story a couple of days ago about the new CNN documentary "The Sixties".
It's a 354-part series (or six, with the latter actually true) about the 1960s. You know, the decade that changed us all. Yes, my eyes are rolling.
How Did TV Characters Afford Those Houses?
There was a website a few years back that had blueprint and layouts of TV shows' houses.
It included those like the "Laverne and Shirley" Milwaukee apartment and "The Brady Bunch" house (which is impossible because the outside shot of the house doesn't ma…
TV Is Finding Out About West Michigan!
Matt Hendricks and I were talking about this the a couple of weeks ago. TV shows and where they take place. Some are easy. Friends was in New York. Cheers in Boston. Home Improvement in Detroit. We were wondering why West Michigan (and Grand Rapids in particular) was not featured on a TV show. Of co…
Good Times, The Movie!
"Not Gettin Hassled, Not Gettin Hustled"
-From the theme to the TV show "Good Times"
That's the latest TV show to get the big screen treatment. Or at least thats the very crappily-kept rumor around Hollywood these days. Good Times, the social r…

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