A new report from WalletHub names the cities in the United States which are the best and worst at keeping their New Year's resolutions. Detroit is among the worst.

WalletHub says up to 92 percent of Americans will fail to keep their New Year’s resolution. One of the most commonly made and broken resolutions is to “get out of debt.”

WalletHub ranked 182 U.S. cities. Seattle was found to be the best at keeping resolutions followed by San Francisco then San Diego. Gulfport, Miss. ranked last. Detroit was 178th.

52 metrics were considered for the rankings. Detroit was hurt most in the rankings by its poor obesity and unemployment numbers. Detroit ranked 182nd in each of those categories with an unemployment rate of 10.9 percent and an obesity rate of 45.1 percent.

The rankings make a lot of assumptions, but it's probably a decent guess towards how people are doing.

Grand Rapids ranked 73rd out of the 182 cities.

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