Yes, we have made a big deal about Twinkies being back on store shelves next week--Monday to be exact--and with good reason. Not only has America's favorite snack cake been out of production since November, but the competition is loading up their guns as well. Sara Lee has just released new "Golden Creme" cakes and new "Cupcakes" that look similar to Hostess.

Now word is out not only Twinkies will be in almost EVERY store in America come Monday, they will last longer as well! This story from the Detroit Free Press " Twinkies to last longer when they return to store shelves next week" explains how this is possible.

"Hostess Brands says the spongy yellow cakes will have a shelf life of 45 days when they start hitting shelves again July 15. That’s nearly three weeks longer than the 26 days the previous owner had stated as the shelf life for Twinkies.

A spokeswoman for Hostess, Hannah Arnold, says the change to extend the shelf life was actually made by the old company that went bankrupt, with the longer-lasting cakes first hitting shelves on Nov. 1 of last year.

The New York Post also reported last week that Hostess will start freezing some of its cakes to extend their shelf life. That means that Twinkies would be delivered to stores frozen so retailers can stamp their own expiration dates on the cakes. Arnold said in a statement that “a select number of retail customers” representing about 10% of its distribution made the request for frozen products. She declined to say which retailers requested the frozen Twinkies."

Who cares? Just bring the cakes back! Im sure they are already in production so it wont be long now! Whoo Hoo!