A dry forecast for the foreseeable future has caused the meteorologist to go looking for wet weather. That seems like an easy way to ruin a good suit. 

After a very comfortable weekend, the forecast for West Michigan will slowly turn up the heat this week, causing FOX-17 weather dude Erik Kostrewa to go looking for bad weather. He came up empty.

Speaking of forecasts, notice the difference between Wednesday and Thursday's graphic the National Weather Service uses on its forecast. Now keep in mind, the difference between the two days will only be three degrees, but the Thursday graphic seems like things will be WAY worse.


Wednesday's graphic looks pastoral, even relaxing, it seems to say, 'hey, if it gets too hot, there's a pond we can jump into!'

While Thursday's graphic seems ominous with it's bright sun and orange sky, with a city skyline. It seems to say, 'there's NO relief for you here! You're going to melt! Now get off my lawn!'

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