Let's be honest, is it really that surprising?

Michigan is known as one of the best craft beer states in the country and Grand Rapids is dubbed "Beer City USA" so this new study just confirms that Michiganders not only love their beer but we can have a lot of it too. Alcohol.org conducted a survey of over 2,500 Americans, from every state, and asked them "how many [4.5% alcohol] beers does it take before you start feeling drunk in one sitting?"

Next, we averaged the count of beers from each respondent by state, in order to arrive at the average number of beers for each state.

I'm a short,125lb female so for me it typically would take about 3-4 beers before I start feeling niiice which is right around the national average of 3.45 beers. Michiganders, though, can pack a little more with an average of 4.02 beers. Between the variety & amount of delicious beer we produce combined with cold winters, this makes total sense. The only state that has us beat is Arizona with an average of 4.04 beers. Maybe it has something to do with it always being hot there...?


The top five states with high beer tolerance are:

  1. Arizona (4.04)
  2. Michigan (4.02)
  3. Maine (3.88)
  4. Wisconsin (3.88)
  5. Missouri (3.87)

I'm not sure whether to be envious or not of Hawaiians because they have the lowest tolerance, only needing 2.71 beers before feeling drunk.

Where do you stand against your fellow Americans? Take the poll below and let us know!

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