Prison Time
On Wednesday, former Catholic Central High School tutor Abigail Simons was sentenced by a Kent County Circuit Court judge to eight to 25 years in prison for having a sexual relationship with a minor, WZZM-13 reported.
New Billboard Turns Heads!
A church in Pennsylvania has put up a new billboard drawing attention to their flock. Not with a picture of a singing pastor, or a happy family in the congregation, but with...
Guess What Makes People The Happiest?
Surveys are fun. When done correctly, they can give an accurate description of life in our times in this crazy world. They also can be ridiculous. Some surveys and polls will tell you exactly what you think. This survey, done in New Zeeland, is one such survey.
Sex For College Tuition
Well, a sign of the times. College has gotten so expensive that these guys are literally turning to "Sugar Daddies" to help the pay for school.  I'm not passing  judgment here, or whatever, but college has gotten so expensive, I guess in some ways I can't blame …
Ever Had Sex In the Kitchen? Of Course You Have!
Who doesn't like the kitchen? It's where the FOOD is! And it's where the most discussions about what to do with that "child who had the party and broke two mirrors and had the cops called on him". Not that I know anything about stuff like that...:) And in Britain, th…

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