I have read the stories of diabetes sufferers with bad feet and dogs that can alert them to the danger they are in. A story a couple of years ago about a dog who told his owner his foot was infected saved the man's life. Now more dogs are using their nose to help other diabetic's as well.

Channel 8 has a story about service dogs who not only can alert owners of fett problems, but can tell when their blood sugar is either too high or too low. "Diabetes alert dog smells blood sugar changes"

"Katie Krampitz, 15, received her new dog Rue this week, and the diabetic alert dog was immediately on the job. Rue, a diabetic alert dog. “She alerted an hour after she got here,” Katie said, saying the dog indicated her blood sugar levels were too high. “I didn’t even feel it, so she caught it real soon.
Dogs can sense the dangerous changes in blood sugar levels, which diabetes causes, long before a person feels the difference. “She has been alerting on an average of about 30 minutes before my meter will even tell me,” Katie said. “So she’s been doing really good with catching it before it’s out of control.”

Katie and her family got Rue through Virginia-based nonprofit Warren Retrievers, which sent a trainer to teach Katie how to work with the dog. “It’s all based on scent. It’s all through their nose,” trainer Erin Coulter explained. “Dogs have a much better sense of smell than people can even imagine.”

That's pretty amazing. As one who now checks his levels often, having a buddy like Rue would be pretty awesome!

Leslie Banks/ThinkStock
Leslie Banks/ThinkStock

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