The most iconic restaurant in Michigan?

Well, it probably isn't Louis Benton Steakhouse. The downtown eatery announced it was closing earlier this week. The place that supposedly defines Michigan dining isn't even on this side of the state.

Surprisingly it isn't in Detroit area either. Good! This list, according to Thrillist, claims to rank 50 iconic restaurants in each state

And Michigan's is Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth, which was established in 1888.

Here's what Thrillist says:

Like the long road to Wall Drug in South Dakota, signs for the German-modeled town of Frankenmuth can be spotted with alarming frequency for about 1,000 miles before you reach it. Mostly for Bronner’s, the largest 365-day Christmas store. But the real draw is the Bavarian Inn, a magical place where buxom, dirndl-clad waitresses serve up gigantic, all-you-can-eat fried chicken (and mashed potatoes, soup, bread, and, ugh, veggies) to folks who travel from all corners of the region for a taste. Yes, it’s pretty corny inside the massive faux-German compound: especially when the polka bands get down. But damned if it isn’t an institution. And giant beers make it all the more surreal."

It's pretty close. They make a mean chicken dinner.

I'm not sure that Buddy's Pizza or National Coney Dogs or Anna's House shouldn't be on this list. I bet 100 places deserve this exposure. Bavarian Inn is probably as good as any.

The chicken dinners served at Frankenmuth's Bavarian Inn are legendary. (Photo: Steven Depolo)